Plan Reporting and Compliance

Chapter 802, Texas Government Code, outlines the required reports Texas public retirement systems must submit to the PRB. Each of these reports, along with a description and submission deadline can be found on the Summary of Reporting Requirements for Texas Public Retirement Systems.

Plans must submit annual reports—the annual financial report, membership report, and investment returns and assumptions report—to the PRB by the 211th day after the end of its fiscal year.

 Compliance Policy

In August 2013, the PRB adopted the Policy for Regulation of Non-Compliant Retirement Systems. This policy lays out the steps to be taken when a system has failed to submit its reports in a timely manner.

The policy includes reminder letters sent to the system prior to its due date, late notifications, and if a plan has not submitted its annual reports by the 60th day after its due date, the plan’s sponsor will be contacted, and the plan’s name will be listed on the PRB’s Non-Compliant list.


Defined contribution plans and volunteer fire fighter plans governed by the Texas Local Firefighters Retirement Act are exempt from reporting to the PRB, except for any changes to registration or benefit information. There are other listed reporting exemptions under Sections 802.001, 802.002(a) and (c).

List of Plans Non-Compliant Over 60 Days

Annual Reporting Compliance

Minimum Education Training (MET)