Actuarial Reports

PRB staff members provide numerous reports to the board and legislature regarding the actuarial status of systems. Such reports include the Actuarial Valuation Report, the Guide to Texas Public Retirement Systems, and various other deliverables to the board.

Additionally, actuarial information is made available on the Texas Public Pension Data Center.

Actuarial Valuations

The PRB Staff Actuary periodically updates the board on the actuarial valuations received from Texas systems. Below are links to the recent reports.

Guide to Texas Public Retirement Systems

The PRB publishes the Guide before each legislative session to give lawmakers, the public, retirement systems, and other stakeholders a quick reference guide for understanding and finding information on the state’s public retirement systems, including current actuarial, financial, benefits and governance data.

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Other Actuarial Reports

Funding Soundness Restoration Plan Reports

March 2024 | November 2023 | June 2023

List of Plans Non-Compliant Over 60 Days

Annual Reporting Compliance

Presentations and Plan Reports

City of Midland Update to the PRB Actuarial Committee

May 2024

Austin Firefighters Retirement Fund Update to the PRB Actuarial Committee

January 2024