Texas Pension
Review Board

The Texas Pension Review Board (PRB) is mandated to oversee all Texas public retirement systems, both state and local, in regard to their actuarial soundness and compliance with state reporting requirements under Chapter 802, Texas Government Code.

Public Retirement Systems Overseen by the PRB
Actuarially Funded Defined Benefit Plans
Total Net Assets
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Total Members
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Statewide Systems
Municipal Systems
Local Firefighter Systems
District/Supplemental Systems

Request for Feedback

Updates to Potential TLFFRA Governance Issues and Recommendations Document

Staff has updated a document identifying issues and providing potential recommendations to include recommendations made by stakeholders during the previous comment period and feedback from the PRB Actuarial Committee.

PRB staff has provided a summary document in the first few pages that lists identified issues and staff recommendations, noting whether the recommendation has been updated since the first version of the document was released in January. You may reference the full Potential TLFFRA Governance Issues and Recommendations report following the summary pages.

Please review the updated draft Potential TLFFRA Governance Issues and Recommendations and email any feedback or suggested changes to [email protected] by Wednesday, June 26.

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Upcoming Reporting Deadlines

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Questions about your pension?

The PRB oversees public pensions in the state of Texas. For more information on private pensions, please visit our Additional Resources page.

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Interested in learning more about fund management? ​

The PRB has seven free online courses that can count toward your Core or Continuing Education credit under the MET Program, as well as three Continuing Education online courses. Additional or alternative education may be obtained through one of our accredited sponsors.

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Guidance for Investment Practices and Performance Evaluations

The PRB recently updated its Guidance for Investment Practices and Performance Evaluations. This updated document reflects the legislative changes to Texas Government Code §802.109 effective September 1, 2021.

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