Compact with Texans

The Texas State Pension Review Board (PRB) is mandated to oversee all Texas public retirement systems, both state and local, in regard to their actuarial soundness and compliance with state law. The PRB responsibilities include:


  • conducting a continuing review of all public retirement systems within the state, compiling and comparing information about benefit structures, financing, and administration of systems;
  • conducting intensive studies of existing or potential problems that weaken the actuarial soundness of public retirement systems;
  • insuring the equitable distribution of promised benefits to members of public retirement systems while maximizing the efficient use of tax dollars;
  • providing information and technical assistance to public retirement systems, their members, the political entities which sponsor them, and the public;
  • recommending policies, practices, and legislation to public retirement systems and their sponsoring governments;
  • examining all legislation for potential effect on Texas’ public retirement systems, overseeing the actuarial analysis process, and providing actuarial review when required by law;
  • administering the registration and reporting requirements under Chapter 802, Government Code; and
  • reporting Board activities to the Governor and Legislature in November of each even-numbered year.

PRB Services

The PRB will act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, accountability, efficiency, and openness. We are proud to be of service to the state in helping ensure that promised pension benefits are provided to the public retirement systems’ annuitants and in seeing that tax dollars are spent most efficiently.


The PRB will:

  • support and promote sound pension practices;
  • provide timely and meaningful information on laws, rules or activities overseen by the agency;
  • return phone calls promptly, if possible within one working day;
  • respond to requests for written information within fourteen working days;
  • route information requests to the appropriate agency within one working day, even if the request does not relate to the PRB;
  • provide an internet site ( that contains information on the agency, the laws and reporting procedures that pertain to public pension systems, publications, pamphlets and presentations on the agency’s activities.

Suggestions and Complaint Process

The PRB welcomes all suggestions and will promptly respond to all complaints directed against the agency itself or a registered Texas public retirement system. When complaints are received which the agency is unable to address due to lack of authority, they will be directed to the most appropriate responding agency within 7-business day. Suggestions or complaints may be received in person, by telephone, by email, or in writing to any agency employee, or to the representative identified below. All formal suggestions and complaints will be acknowledged and reviewed. While most complaints will ultimately have to be submitted in writing, consumers are also welcome to register a complaint in person, by email, or by telephone.


Written complaints about a registered public pension system will be forwarded to the administrator of the subject pension system for response within 7 business days, with a copy of the forwarding letter sent to the complainant. Within 7 business days of receipt of a response from the registered pension system, the agency will send a closure letter to the consumer providing an analysis of the information submitted.

Written complaints or questions should be addressed to:

Amy Cardona, Executive Director
State Pension Review Board
PO Box 13498
Austin, TX 78711-3498
Telephone: (512) 463-1736
Toll Free (800) 213-9425
Fax: (512) 463-1882

Amy Cardona, Executive Director
State Pension Review Board
William P. Clements State Office Building
300 West 15th, Room 406
Austin Texas 78701