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    2025 Funding Soundness Restoration Plan Flow Chart

    Plan Reporting Requirements & Calendar for Reporting Due Dates

    Representative Paul’s Letter Regarding Implementation of the FSRP

    SB322 Investment Expense Reporting Infographic

    Guides and Guidance

    2020 Asset Class Categorization Guide

    Template for Reporting Investment Expenses in AFR

    Informal Guidance for Investment Practices and Performance Evaluations

    Informal Guidance for Systems Developing a Funding Policy

    Sample Funding Policy:  Word document| PDF file

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    Pension System Registration (PRB-100)

    Benefits and Membership Report (PRB-200)

    Financial Statement Report (PRB-300)

    Actuarial Report (PRB-400)

    Investment Returns and Assumptions Report (PRB-1000) Instructions

    Investment Returns and Assumptions Report (PRB-1000)

    Minimum Educational Training Program

    Minimum Educational Training Registration Form (PRB-150)

    Minimum Educational Training Program Form (PRB-2000)

    Sponsor Accreditation Application

    Individual Course Approval Application

    Certificate of Completion Template

    Certification Letter for Exemption of Certain System Administrators


    New Reporting Requirements in Chapter 802 — 86th Legislature (June 2019) 

    IRS Proposed Rulemaking – Applicability of the Normal Retirement Age Rules to Governmental Plans (Apr. 2016)

    Implementation Deadline for the Funding Soundness Restoration Plan (Jan. 2016)