• Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act (TLFFRA)

    firedeptThe Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act (TLFFRA) allows for paid and part-paid fire departments and volunteer fire departments in participating cities to administer their own local retirement systems. The Act provides a general framework for the establishment of TLFFRA systems, including some investment restrictions, but leaves administration, plan design, contributions, and specific investments to each system’s local board. Systems operating under TLFFRA are entirely locally funded.

    View the Pension Review Board’s 2020 TLFFRA Report.

    PRB Duties Related to TLFFRA Systems

    Technical Assistance and Information

    The agency provides technical assistance and information to the TLFFRA systems on various issues, including service verification; questions relating to the TLFFRA statute; and reporting requirements.

    TLFFRA Statute (Article 6243e. of Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes)Typing Closeup
    Plan Reporting Information
    Best Practices Resources
    Public Pension Search Tool
    Texas Legislature
    Board and Committee Meetings
    Board Policies
    Publications and Reports

    TLFFRA Specialist

    The PRB is required to assign one person to specialize in providing assistance to TLFFRA plans.  For all questions and inquires related to TLFFRA please call or email Bryan at the contact information below.  He will be able to answer or route your question to another staff member in order to assist you in a timely manner.

    Bryan Burnham, TLFFRA Program Specialist — (512) 463-1736 | Bryan.Burnham@prb.texas.gov

    TLFFRA TrainingStudy up!

    The PRB works with the TLFFRA systems at both the TLFFRA trustee training and the Annual TLFFRA Conference.

    Minimum Educational Training Program
    TLFFRA Trustee Training Manual

    TLFFRA Appeals to SOAH

    The PRB has approved a procedure for the referral of TLFFRA appeals to the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) and a TLFFRA Notice of Appeal Form for the convenience of TLFFRA systems and their members.

    SOAH Appeals Instructions
    SOAH “Notice of Appeal” Form