• Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes

    These statutes are extracted from the Texas Legislative Council. They are current through the 85th Legislature. The Texas Legislative Council makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the data, and users rely on the data entirely at their own risk.


    Art. 6243a–1.     Dallas Police and Fire Pension System-Combined Plan
    Art. 6243b.         El Paso Fire and Police Pension Fund
    Art. 6243e.         Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act
    Art. 6243e.1.      Austin Fire Fighters Relief and Retirement Fund
    Art. 6243e.2(1).  Houston Firefighter’s Relief and Retirement Fund
    Art. 6243g–4.     Houston Police Officers Pension System
    Art. 6243h.         Houston Municipal Employees Pension System
    Art. 6243i.          Fort Worth Employees Retirement Fund
    Art. 6243n.         Austin Employees’ Retirement System
    Art. 6243n–1.     Austin Police Retirement System
    Art. 6243o.         San Antonio Fire and Police Pension Fund
    Art. 6243p.         Galveston Employees’ Retirement Plan for Police

    * Application of these provisions is unclear.  No currently operating systems may be subject to them.