• General Duties of the Board

    The Board’s responsibilities include:

    • Conducting a continuing review of all public retirement systems within the state, compiling and comparing information about benefit structures, financing, and administration of systems;
    • Conducting intensive studies of existing or potential problems that weaken the actuarial soundness of public retirement systems;
    • Insuring the equitable distribution of promised benefits to members of public retirement systems while maximizing the efficient use of tax dollars;
    • Providing information and technical assistance to public retirement systems, their members, the political entities which sponsor them, and the public;
    • Recommending policies, practices, and legislation to public retirement systems and their sponsoring governments;
    • Examining all legislation for potential effect on Texas’ public retirement systems, overseeing the actuarial analysis process, and providing actuarial review when required by law;
    • Administering the registration and reporting requirements under Chapter 802, Government Code; and
    • Reporting Board activities to the Governor and Legislature in November of each even-numbered year.