• Board and Committee Meetings

    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    November 2, 2021Agenda: 11/2/2021Not AvailableNot AvailableBoard
    August 30, 2021Agenda: 8/30/2021Not AvailablePacket: 8/30/2021Board
    August 19, 2021Agenda: 8/19/2021Not AvailablePacket: 8/19/2021Education Committee
    July 1, 2021Agenda: 7/1/2021Not AvailablePacket: 7/1/2021Board
    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    November 12, 2020Agenda:
    Not AvailablePacket: 11/12/2020Board
    September 29, 2020Agenda:
    Not AvailablePacket: 9/29/2020Actuarial Committee
    September 29, 2020Agenda: 9/29/2020Not AvailablePacket: 9/29/2020Investment Committee
    August 6, 2020Agenda: 8/6/2020Minutes: 8/6/2020Packet: 8/6/2020Actuarial Committee
    July 28, 2020Agenda: 7/28/2020Minutes: 7/28/2020Packet: 7/28/2020Investment Committee
    June 30, 2020Agenda: 6/30/2020Minutes: 6/30/2020Packet: 6/30/2020Board
    May 7, 2020Agenda: 5/7/2020Minutes: 5/7/2020Packet: 5/7/2020Actuarial Committee
    May 7, 2020Agenda: 5/7/2020Minutes: 5/7/2020Packet: 5/7/2020Investment/Actuarial Committee
    February 6, 2020Agenda: 2/6/2020Minutes: 2/6/2020Packet: 2/6/2020Board
    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    November 15, 2019Agenda: 11/15/2019Minutes: 11/15/2019Packet: 11/15/2019Board
    October 17, 2019Agenda: 10/17/2019Minutes: 10/17/2019Packet: 10/17/2019Board
    September 19, 2019
    September 20, 2019
    Agenda: 9/19/2019 –
    Minutes: 9/19/2019 – 9/20/2019Packet: 9/19/2019 – 9/20/2019Actuarial Committee
    June 27, 2019Agenda: 6/27/2019Minutes: 6/27/2019Packet: 6/27/2019Board
    January 24, 2019Agenda: 1/24/2019Minutes: 1/24/2019Packet: 1/24/2019Board
    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    October 4, 2018Agenda: 10/4/2018Minutes: 10/4/2018Packet: 10/4/2018Board
    September 13, 2018Agenda: 9/13/2018Minutes: 09/13/2018Packet: 9/13/2018Actuarial Committee
    June 14, 2018Agenda: 6/14/2018Minutes: 6/14/2018Packet: 6/14/2018Board
    April 24, 2018Agenda: 4/24/2018Not AvailablePacket: 4/24/2018Advisory Committee
    April 24, 2018Agenda: 4/24/2018Minutes: 4/24/2018Packet: 4/24/2018Actuarial Committee
    March 1, 2018Agenda: 3/1/2018Minutes: 3/1/2018Packet: 3/1/2018Board
    March 1, 2018Agenda: 3/1/2018Minutes: 3/1/2018Packet: 3/1/2018Advisory Committee
    January 25, 2018Agenda: 1/25/2018Minutes: 1/25/2018Packet: 1/25/2018Actuarial Committee
    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    November 16, 2017Agenda: 11/16/2017Minutes: 11/16/2017Packet: 11/16/2017Board
    October 13, 2017Agenda: 10/13/2017Minutes: 10/13/2017Packet: 10/13/2017Advisory Committee
    October 13, 2017Agenda: 10/13/2017Minutes: 10/13/2017Packet: 10/13/2017Actuarial Committee
    August 11, 2017*Agenda: 8/11/2017Minutes: 8/11/2017Packet: 8/11/2017Board
    January 26, 2017Agenda: 1/26/2017Minutes: 1/26/2017Packet: 1/26/2017Board

    *This recording begins at agenda item 4.A, Pension legislation passed during the 85th Regular Session.

    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    December 15, 2016Agenda: 12/15/2016Minutes: 12/15/2016Packet: 12/15/2016Actuarial Committee
    November 3, 2016Agenda: 11/3/2016Minutes: 11/3/2016Packet: 11/3/2016Board
    September 15, 2016Agenda: 9/15/2016Minutes: 9/15/2016Packet: 9/15/2016Actuarial Committee
    August 4, 2016Agenda: 8/4/2016Minutes: 8/4/2016Packet: 8/4/2016Board
    July 14, 2016*Agenda: 7/14/2016Minutes: 7/14/2016Packet: 7/14/2016Actuarial Committee
    June 20, 2016**Agenda: 6/20/2016Minutes: 6/20/2016Packet: 6/20/2016Actuarial Committee
    May 5, 2016Agenda: 5/5/2016Minutes: 5/5/2016Packet: 5/5/2016Board
    February 11, 2016Agenda: 2/11/2016Minutes: 2/11/2016Packet: 2/11/2016Board

    *This recording begins with the discussion:  Review and consider modifications to the Actuarial Valuation Report, including discussion of amortization periods, GASB 67 data, actuarial assumptions, asset allocations and contribution rates for public retirement systems.

    **Discussion of the rating system for pension plan fiscal health and annual funding adequacy was not recorded due to technical difficulties.