• Board and Committee Meetings

    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    December 16, 2021
    Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableBoard
    September 16, 2021Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableBoard
    July 1, 2021Not AvailableNot AvailableNot AvailableBoard
    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    November 12, 2020Agenda:
    Not AvailablePacket: 11/12/2020Board
    September 29, 2020Agenda:
    Not AvailablePacket: 9/29/2020Actuarial Committee
    September 29, 2020Agenda: 9/29/2020Not AvailablePacket: 9/29/2020Investment Committee
    August 6, 2020Agenda: 8/6/2020Minutes: 8/6/2020Packet: 8/6/2020Actuarial Committee
    July 28, 2020Agenda: 7/28/2020Minutes: 7/28/2020Packet: 7/28/2020Investment Committee
    June 30, 2020Agenda: 6/30/2020Minutes: 6/30/2020Packet: 6/30/2020Board
    May 7, 2020Agenda: 5/7/2020Minutes: 5/7/2020Packet: 5/7/2020Actuarial Committee
    May 7, 2020Agenda: 5/7/2020Minutes: 5/7/2020Packet: 5/7/2020Investment/Actuarial Committee
    February 6, 2020Agenda: 2/6/2020Minutes: 2/6/2020Packet: 2/6/2020Board
    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    November 15, 2019Agenda: 11/15/2019Minutes: 11/15/2019Packet: 11/15/2019Board
    October 17, 2019Agenda: 10/17/2019Minutes: 10/17/2019Packet: 10/17/2019Board
    September 19, 2019
    September 20, 2019
    Agenda: 9/19/2019 –
    Minutes: 9/19/2019 – 9/20/2019Packet: 9/19/2019 – 9/20/2019Actuarial Committee
    June 27, 2019Agenda: 6/27/2019Minutes: 6/27/2019Packet: 6/27/2019Board
    January 24, 2019Agenda: 1/24/2019Minutes: 1/24/2019Packet: 1/24/2019Board
    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    October 4, 2018Agenda: 10/4/2018Minutes: 10/4/2018Packet: 10/4/2018Board
    September 13, 2018Agenda: 9/13/2018Minutes: 09/13/2018Packet: 9/13/2018Actuarial Committee
    June 14, 2018Agenda: 6/14/2018Minutes: 6/14/2018Packet: 6/14/2018Board
    April 24, 2018Agenda: 4/24/2018Not AvailablePacket: 4/24/2018Advisory Committee
    April 24, 2018Agenda: 4/24/2018Minutes: 4/24/2018Packet: 4/24/2018Actuarial Committee
    March 1, 2018Agenda: 3/1/2018Minutes: 3/1/2018Packet: 3/1/2018Board
    March 1, 2018Agenda: 3/1/2018Minutes: 3/1/2018Packet: 3/1/2018Advisory Committee
    January 25, 2018Agenda: 1/25/2018Minutes: 1/25/2018Packet: 1/25/2018Actuarial Committee
    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    November 16, 2017Agenda: 11/16/2017Minutes: 11/16/2017Packet: 11/16/2017Board
    October 13, 2017Agenda: 10/13/2017Minutes: 10/13/2017Packet: 10/13/2017Advisory Committee
    October 13, 2017Agenda: 10/13/2017Minutes: 10/13/2017Packet: 10/13/2017Actuarial Committee
    August 11, 2017*Agenda: 8/11/2017Minutes: 8/11/2017Packet: 8/11/2017Board
    January 26, 2017Agenda: 1/26/2017Minutes: 1/26/2017Packet: 1/26/2017Board

    *This recording begins at agenda item 4.A, Pension legislation passed during the 85th Regular Session.

    DateAgendaMinutesBoard PacketsMeeting Type
    December 15, 2016Agenda: 12/15/2016Minutes: 12/15/2016Packet: 12/15/2016Actuarial Committee
    November 3, 2016Agenda: 11/3/2016Minutes: 11/3/2016Packet: 11/3/2016Board
    September 15, 2016Agenda: 9/15/2016Minutes: 9/15/2016Packet: 9/15/2016Actuarial Committee
    August 4, 2016Agenda: 8/4/2016Minutes: 8/4/2016Packet: 8/4/2016Board
    July 14, 2016*Agenda: 7/14/2016Minutes: 7/14/2016Packet: 7/14/2016Actuarial Committee
    June 20, 2016**Agenda: 6/20/2016Minutes: 6/20/2016Packet: 6/20/2016Actuarial Committee
    May 5, 2016Agenda: 5/5/2016Minutes: 5/5/2016Packet: 5/5/2016Board
    February 11, 2016Agenda: 2/11/2016Minutes: 2/11/2016Packet: 2/11/2016Board

    *This recording begins with the discussion:  Review and consider modifications to the Actuarial Valuation Report, including discussion of amortization periods, GASB 67 data, actuarial assumptions, asset allocations and contribution rates for public retirement systems.

    **Discussion of the rating system for pension plan fiscal health and annual funding adequacy was not recorded due to technical difficulties.